Skiffie Worlds 2022 | 25th June until 2nd July 2022 | Kortgene | The Netherlands

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The village of Kortgene is situated closely behind the world famous Oosterschelde kering (part of the Delta Works), on the island of Noord Beveland in the province of Zeeland next to lake 'Veerse Meer'. It is a popular spot for tourists and watersports fanatics. On this saltwater lake with hardly any tide, the 4th Skiffie Worlds (WK) St Ayles Skiff rowing will take place at the Delta Marina Harbour


Kortgene is easily accessible by plane, car and public transport

By Plane

  • Airport Schiphol (Amsterdam) Schiphol - Goes 2 hours by train / Goes - Kortgene 18 minutes by bus
  • Airport Rotterdam (Rotterdam) Rotterdam airport – Rotterdam central 20 min by bus / Rotterdam central - Goes 1:20 hours by train / Goes - Kortgene 18 minutes by bus

By Car

  • Ferry from Newcastle to IJmuiden: IJmuiden – Kortgene 2 hours
  • Ferry from Hull to Rotterdam Europort: Rotterdam – Kortgene 1:08 hours
  • Ferry from Harwich to Hoek van Holland: Hoek van Holland – Kortgene 1:30 hours
  • Ferry from Dover to Dunkirk: Dunkirk – Kortgene 2:20 hours
  • Ferry / Car Train from Dover to Calais: Calais – Kortgene 2:30 hours
  • Sightseeing by Car
    • Kortgene – Amsterdam City centre 2 hours
    • Kortgene – Rotterdam City centre 1:20 hours
    • Kortgene – Antwerp City centre 1 hour

Carnet ATA

A carnet is used for temporary import and re-export, temporary export and re-import as well as the transit of goods.

What we now know is that there are differences in prices from UK or prices from NL, it is also wise to register multiple skiffs under one document, that saves considerably on costs.

We still have some time to further elaborate search, but we'll keep you posted when we have information to make it appear so cheap.

You are always welcome to contact DARA ( if you need support in this matter.

The weather

In June, on average, the temperature in Kortgene varies between 15-20°C and we may expect around 20 dry days and around 10 days where rain is possible. In July, the temperature in Kortgene varies between 17-22°C and we may expect around 17 dry days and around 14 days where rain is possible. In the summer period, extreme wind conditions in Kortgene are unlikely.