Skiffie Worlds 2022 | 25th June until 2nd July 2022 | Kortgene | The Netherlands

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We are of course hopeful from the organization that everything will be back to normal in 2022.

  • In order to respond well to what we can expect, we would like to ask all interested parties, who intend to participate, to register as a club or association and to indicate which race categories you think you should fill in. Please add also with how many rowers and helmsmen you will participate in order to give the organization an idea of the total attendees (for all the permit approvals).
  • We will not finalize the race schedule until 1st of May 2022, so all changes can still be passed on until then.
  • If you have registered you will be added to the list of participants.
  • The individual registration will be done in the event tent, this registration is only for rowers and helmsmen (which therefore takes place in the skiff) after the registration and photo the participant will receive a race pass, which you need on the race days to pass the check points before enter the skiffs, the registration fee for the race pass is € 15 per person (payment completed in the event tent)
  • If there are (overseas) teams that would like to participate, but do not have access to a Skiff, or it is difficult to have a St Ayles Skiff come over, please contact

Registration form

Please note we will not automatically send a confirmation email after registration.

If you want a copy of your registration by email, please tick the last box 'Send me a copy' in the form.