Skiffie Worlds 2022 | 25th June until 2nd July 2022 | Kortgene | The Netherlands

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Registration office

  • Just next to the large party tent (figure 2-3) on the campus, a somewhat smaller tent will be placed “Office tent” (see map below, yellow marked & figure 2-4), especially for registration of participants and also use only for the worlds umpire organization.
  • First Aid and AED will be present in office tent during SkiffieWorlds 2022.
  • All participants who take place in a skiff (rowers and coxes) and volunteers will be registered, ID will be checked and processed and payment will be checked or made.
  • Each participant will receive a race pass. Age, gender and origin are stated on the race pass. which is very important for the control posts during the race week. For the organization it is now also clear which people are rowing or volunteer, because it is busy on the field with the public and tourists.
  • There will be participants who row for multiple clubs, but they only have to register and pay once.
  • On the ID card we will print:
    • Logo’s
    • Name
    • Age on 27 June 2022
    • QR - code


Figure 2