Skiffie Worlds 2022 | 25th June until 2nd July 2022 | Kortgene | The Netherlands

St Ayles Skiff World Championship 2022

25th June until 2nd July, Kortgene, The Netherlands


Some confusion has arisen regarding registration for SkiffieWorlds 2022. The registration process has been confusing to some with an unfortunate closing of the registration at relatively short notice.

As the overseeing and issuing organisation SASI has been working closely with the organisers DARA, the Dutch national association and VMS, the local organising party to get a streamlined and clear registration process in order.

DARA/VMS have been keen to get registration going as part of a security plan they will have to fulfill. Part of this process is creating individual race passes, which take time to produce. It is therefore necessary to start this process at this stage.

The small individual rowers entry fee of 15 euros has been set to cover some of the cost of registration of the event. Although this does not need to be paid before arrival at the event, it would assist the cash flow situation if clubs which have the resources would consider paying some of the rowers fees up front. It is also encouraged that individual rowers register, when they know they will attend, in order start the production of the race passes.

At this stage it is understandably difficult for most rowers and clubs to commit to attending SkiffieWorlds partly due to COVID-19. SASI, DARA and VMS have therefore agreed to postpone SkiffieWorlds by one year IF the situation is deemed unsafe. The final decision on postponement of the event can only be made nearer to SkiffieWorlds, 1st of May latest. 

Registration for the event after 28 February 2022 will be dealt with by creating a reserve list with a commitment to those clubs previously having pre-registered as a priority. There is a need for filling out the new registration form with the addition of race categories clubs will compete in. Subsequent changes to the individual categories and registering individual rowers will be possible untill 1st May.

Welcome to Skiffie Worlds 2022, the 4th edition of the St Ayles Skiff World Championship. The venue for Skiffie Worlds 2022 has been decided by SASI to be held in Kortgene, The Netherlands from Saturday 25th June until Saturday 2nd July 2022. After Ullapool, Strangford and Stranraer, it is now Kortgene, a small village next to lake Veerse Meer in the province of Zeeland where the rowing championships will take place.

We expect up to 1,500 participants from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United States, South-Africa and The Netherlands.

Registration will be closed on 28th February 2022!


Registered YTD: 60 Skiffs - 1,300+ participants!

Scotland: 31 | England: 4 | Ireland: 1 | Northern Ireland: 4 | USA: 2 | The Netherlands: 17 | Canada: 1


We are looking forward to welcoming you!